Clicking noise from above in piston aircraft, anyone else?

only in the standard piston aircraft (Cirrus, DA40 etc.) in VR mode I hear a clicking noise fromn above me, like someone is clicking a pen all the time. I can´t see anything abnormal above me, doors are closed (inthe Cirrus there isn´t even a door handle btw…), from outside everything looks normal.
This clicking noise is NOT present in Turboprobs or Jets.
Am I the only one hearing this? Any ideas?

I had a similar problem until I realized I had the Alpha Yoke ignition switch in the start position. What I was hearing was the starter clicking every few seconds. Maybe the same issue for you?

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I had the same problem yesterday morning, turns out the white stuff falling from the sky wasnt snow it was hail, and it was making on hail of a racket! … Pretty good effect though.

Thanks for the hints!
As the sound occurred in sky clear conditions as well, it couldnt be the “white stuff” (:wink: )… it was the ignition key which was curioulsy stuck in the permanent start position. I will have to unbind those key assignments from the TCA throttle quadrant engine switch 1, but am wondering if the I still can start my A32X Mod engines by flicking the switch. No 2 does nothing of course.

Thanks for tips. I have the same problem