Clicking on a live player, in the world map...causes a CTD

I just noticed it and can reproduce it just about anytime. If I click on the green, live player plane icon while on the world map, it causes a CTD. Try clicking on one or two and see if it happens to you or is it just me?

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I have tried several times to reproduce this and cannot.

I think it’s related to this:

and this:

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Yep, same thing no matter what plane or what location, if you click on it in the world map… CTD.

I saw this very thing myself. Curiously there was one particular player among a group when clicked on would cause the CTD. Other players could be clicked on with no CTD. I tried a couple of different servers but this click on particular player causing CTD persisted.

It is not known to me what platform this player was using, X-Box or PC?

I am on PC, MS Store SU10.

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