Cliffs of Dover loading slowly

Just wanted to check if someone else has the same issue as me where the cliffs of dover load in very slow. I’m practically on top of them before the model shows up. Before that I see steep green cliffs where the land was manipulated to make way for the model.

This video is not mine but shows somewhat the issue:
UK Update MSFS 2020 Cliffs of Dover - YouTube (around 8:00 mark)

My system:
i9 9900k 5.0ghz
RTX 3090
32GB 3200mhz

Internet speed: + 600mbps

Photogrammetry on, settings on ultra or high (don’t have this issue with other objects)


Yes, the pop in is terrible-I hope it can be addressed as it is very jarring, ruining that POI for me. The cliffs look great once in, but I have to practically fly into them to trigger them. I have photogrammetry off. (Not keen on the melted buildings look)

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Yes, same here. I was flying close to the cliff and suddenly the high res terrain jumped out and nearly hit me!
I wonder if I’d have actually crashed by being inside the high res terrain when it finally loaded.

See this thread, a solution has been found that Asobo need to deal with preferably without the need for “votes” as it’s clearly an issue they should fix sooner rather than later.
Happens to some other POIs as well like Devils Tower in the USA:


Is this a caching issue I wonder? What happens when you fly back to them on a subsequent trip? Any difference?

Nope tried all that no difference see thread above

Yes, I was disappointed with the cliffs and then surprised when they popped in when I was almost on top of them.

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