Climb after take off a320

starting to get the right hump !!

unless its me , but why does the plane do a climb ie 6000ft per minute when i hit auto pilot ?
i have tried with the flaps at 1f then flaps up does it every time

maybe i doing something wrong advice would be great.

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I’ve got the same

coz on the A320 the AP is also broken like many other things …
let’s see what they could fix with the upcoming patch next week,
but i would bet they have missed something …

I have started flying manually for a bit longer, following the flight director laterally but climbing much slower than it wants me to, and then only hitting AP at maybe 3500-4000 ft. This wasn’t necessary before the last patch, but gets the job done (after this, the AP behaves OK for the rest of the flight).

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Answer to this problem from the “FlyByWire A320NX” Discord by Imenes

happens to me aswell. I have to set the v speed manually

If you use the NX mod just wait until the SRS indication changes to climb on the PFD then turn on the AP. Should happen around the thrust reduction altitude.

will try that

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