Climbing in high clouds fps drops

Climbing thru high clouds fps drops when looking outside . Is there a setting to be changed or any simple fixes for this?

I have the same issue. No solution except not going outside.

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You are assuming that flying into clouds should not impact FPS or maybe improve it. However, MSFS is rendering all the scenery and objects and clouds behind the clouds around you. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t see anything rendered when you fly out of the clouds. And you wouldn’t want to see that because MSFS would pause while the scenery is rendered. I know I wouldn’t.

The sim currently has issues where all of a sudden with no reason starts to get choppy. Whenever this happens, I save the mission, exit the game, restart and reload the mission then the framerates go back to normal. There are some events in this sim that is triggering this massive degradation in framerates. For example, approaching KSEA, I get a good 20 fps while in glide-slope but once I hit the runway, the framerates tank to 8 fps. Something is definately broken. I’ve opened zendesk but they show “solved” but I don’t think so.


Same here. Clouds have a serious performance hit.

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MSFS continually either downloads or reads from local files and temporarily store them in memory all the graphics information needed to make the frames the GPU sends to the monitor. Depending on the location, the amount of files needed overwhelm the CPU and fills memory to maxium. Windows move memory pages in and out of memory which slows down MSFS after a period time. Saving the flight and restarting it gives the CPU and Windows time to process the file queue. Try lowering your graphics parameters or reduce monitor resolution (2k to 1080p or 4k to 2k).

At many of the larger airports, MSFS is gathering files of graphics information for every object and scenery item in the airports, airport vehicles, ground crew, aircraft, buildings, landscape, etc. Unfortunately MSFS doesn’t give users any warnings or messages. It just tanks FPS.

Nope. Neither CPU nor memory are at full utilization when it happens so I don’t think so.

Same issue with me but only happens when my clouds are set to ultra and the weather preset is broken clouds

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No issue with any other weather preset

When the CPU is overwhelmed, I don’t mean that it is maxed out. The CPU is supposed to process all the graphics information in memory as fast or faster than requested by MSFS. If MSFS requests too much graphic information for the power of the CPU, then the CPU cannot retrieve the files fast enough from memory. Actually, the CPU % drops because of the Windows memory management bottleneck. BTW Windows starts managing memory around 70% to avoid memory from filling up.

Of course, all of this is driven by the “Limited by Main Thread” problem. Basically, MSFS is requesting graphics information to be processed faster that it can be processed. MSFS can only do ONE thing, continue to store to be processed graphics information in memory. The queue depth of the files to be processed is reflected in the FPS. The more files in queue the slower the FPS.

This could be on your system but on mine, I don’t have a problem of “limited by main thread”. All cores can be at ~30% utilization and memory at 50% but the slideshows still happen randomly. This massive slowdown can happen while flying in the middle of nowhere with nothing but flat terrain around for hundreds of miles. I personally do think there is a memory leak (or poor memory management) in this sim and saving and restarting the flight resets the memory stack.

[quote=“Buddywoof3669, post:11, topic:412551”]
All cores can be at ~30% utilization and memory at 50% but the slideshows still happen randomly.
Computers do not operate randomly unless deliberately programmed to do so. There has to be a reason for your slideshows other than random MSFS code execution. (Not to be confused with MSFS programmed to allow flying randomly to anywhere at any time.)

You assume that MSFS is processing or should only be processing what you are seeing. I have parked in front of a blank concrete wall at an airport with nothing visibly moving. But my FPS drops to below 12 FPS! Why is a blank wall slowing down my system? Should my FPS be like 100 for a blank wall? Examining what MSFS is doing reveals that MSFS using Superman’s X-ray vision to look through the wall to render everything at the airport, ground crew, parked and moving aircraft, airport vehicles, airport buildings. In addition, since my graphics settings are very high, it is rendering these objects at a very high level of detail. No wonder why my FPS is cratering! MSFS may be designed poorly because it is trying to process objects I cannot see. But for right now, it is what it is.

The definition of a memory leak (for programmers) is an error condition that happens to everyone and the only workaround is to restart the system to clear the corrupted memory. For some reason users with many different hardware configurations aren’t seeing any slideshow slowdowns.

I agree that the problem is poor memory management. MSFS is gathering more graphic information faster than it can process. It can only put that information into memory until it is processed. MSFS cannot free up memory until the graphics information is processed. MSFS should be coded correctly to process graphics information faster than it is received. Or the amount of graphics information requested should be limited according to CPU processing capacity. Or the CPU can be upgraded or overclocked to process graphics faster. Or memory can be added to provide additional room to temporarily store graphics information.

I experienced this problem yesterday, for the first time. I was en route with my CRJ at FL240, flying in VR. At some point, I was entering a high cloud layer without much structure, but a marked reduction of visibility. Frame rates dropped to 5 or 6, almost unflyable, and any head movement made things even worse.

Things went back to normal once I descended below that misty cloud layer.

I have clouds set to ultra. I have experienced a certain drop in frame rates before, when the sim had to render many cloud layers, with impressive looking cumulus. But the sim remained flyable.

My question is: why does the sim struggle so much with mist (which in essence is just a reduction of visibility)?

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No idea to your question . But i will test with high settings for the clouds instead of ultra

Can also confirm FPS drop in high altitude clouds since last update. Never had those issues (only FPS drops nearby big airports but that is another story) before latest update and always played on ultra settings like now.

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Can also confirm, random slideshow moments at high altitudes passing through clouds.

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same for me- severe fps issue / lower fps with a 3090 in higher cloud layers. @AsoboPM pls take a look at it. Thx

Same here:

Lowering resolution doesn’t help so it doesn’t seem to be graphics related.

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I have the issue as well. The very high clouds ( FL350+) cause severe fps drops.

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Same problem !

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