Closer Bing Satellite pass over Papua New Guinea

I am requesting Bing Maps to do an updated pass over Papua New Guinea!


Maybe make a request on Ryan’s website to turn over all his videos to MS/Asobo to convert to photogrammetry.

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Satellites are old hack the new hotness is mounting cameras in commercial aircraft.


Shouldn’t this be in the wishlist section so people can vote on it?

It’s kid of the basic game plan to improve as they can with data they can use as they can get it.

Some parts of the planet just don’t lend itself to clear space to ground photography and some governments are against it’s use.

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AS far as I read your link it’s Airbus but using sattelites. Where did you read they are using airliners??

Do these improvements generally only come in world updates or have you noticed that the Bing team makes continual improvements?

Yes please, a big tick for anything PNG! Cheers.

And… exactly how do you make a “closer” pass with a satellite? :wink:


That’s no moon…


All I know is, when I fly in the United States there’s much more detailed detail of what I’m flying over. In Papua New Guinea, I’m sure the topography is correct (hopefully), but there are pictures of clouds enblazened on the ground haha; MSFS 2020 is amazing btw!! no official gripes

Bing maps definitely gets improved over time for some areas unrelated to World Updates in MSFS2020. The sim streams these new textures automatically as they become available it appears.

To do a new aerial survey of PNG would be incredibly expensive, a cloud free one even more so. Even if someone did do it, and if they were willing to release it (depends on why they surveyed anyway, politics, security), they’d want to recoup their costs by licencing the data for money.

Bing, Google, Apple etc. then negotiate that license, levels of detail etc. then bake it into their master map of imagery and then make it available to users.


You can try the “other” imagery too, but while I think it’s a great improvement in some areas, I didn’t like it in PNG. There was some better detail in some places (and worse in others), but the main thing was the color was way off without whatever color correcting the sim does. The ground textures had a blue/grey cast that really clashed with the lush green of Bijan’s jungle.

Where does it specify that cameras are mounted to commercial aircraft? From your article:

“Data comes from the Earth observation mission done by SPOT 5 satellite (resolution 2.5m/px) between the years 2006–2008 covering central and northern Europe. Newer data from SPOT 6 & SPOT 7 are covering Meditarien sea countries (including France) that were taken between 2014–2016. All SPOT satellites are operated by Airbus DS.”

It’s not in that article but somewhere there’s something on Airbus (the plane people not the satellite people) being involved in imaging from planes. I’ve posted it here before … grumble I post too much.

Are you sure? Airbus is a big company, ATR, Eurocopter, defense and space, Eurofighter, EADS, its all part of the Airbus group and renamed under the Airbus brand nowadays. Airbus is producing satellites as well. The name Airbus might be confusing.

Just wondering what you are gonna achieve by placing Earth imagery equipment on commercial aircraft. You will accurately map the area along popular routes and airways, thats basically it. Cities are usually avoided for noise purposes, quite useless if you ask me.

Missionary flying work

Yeah, I don’t think Ryan would want to tote half a ton of surveying gear around with him though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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