Closure of Topics

Why is it that some topics are closed after 30 days of no new responses and others linger around for ever?

Are the topics closed by the Moderators or are they suppose to be automatically closed.

Directly underneath the last post on every thread is the following message:

“This topic will close a month after the last reply.”

Pretty self explanatory.

Some categories are set to close the topic automatically after 30 days of the last reply. The #community:general-discussion-feedback (where you posted in, is one of those categories).

When topics do close, they are still searchable but you can not post to them.

If you see a topic that has been closed and you feel it’s beneficial to the community, please send a private message to @moderators and we’ll look into opening it.

Thank you!


I’ve also seen a few topics marked as “bumped automatically” - some of them are 6 months+ old with now new posts - so not sure what is causing that

We just added that. :slight_smile: (somewhat of a test)
Was added only to the #self-service:wishlist subcategory. It randomly cycles posts in that topic to bump up for visibility.

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Seems reasonable to put this limit on most of the forum sections to keep things tidy.

In the bug sections though, unless a reported bug has been FIXED, does it make sense to automatically be closing them?

There are dozens of bugs impacting users sitting unfixed, for example the “green roads” bug, which was acknowledged during the last Q&A, who’ve had their discussion auto closed (and then subsequently re-opened)

This is particularly problematic when the notification given in the forum is “Completed” when its auto-closed.


I find this counterproductive as well. Bug sections should never auto close. Bug threads should be closed only when a bug is finally fixed. And like you said, it’s worse when it gets moved to the “Completed” section when the bug in question is still alive and well. It kind of defeats the purpose of the bug section in the first place.


The #bugs-and-issues categories did at one time of that timer, but was removed awhile back. There may be some topics that got closed when it was active. In cases of this where that topic is still a bug and one does not exist, please let us know.

Is there any criteria where a thread can be an exception from the 30 day rule and stay open?
For example I wanted to make a 3rd party addon VR compatibility and performance mega thread.
Where users could share feedback about every 3rd party scenery or aircraft’s particular performance and compatibility VR experience. That way user’s would know not to even bother downloading or trying certain addons in VR. Which of course would be updated every time someone found something new to add to the thread. Sometimes threads just go through a dry spot with no activity. If that’s too much of a task on the technical side I totally understand.

Yes, just send a private message to @moderators with a link to the topic; as we can remove timers.

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That seems like a reasonable explanation; thanks for clarifying the configuration.

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