Cloud downwash

Hello pilots,

when flying not too far above the cloud layer there is an awesome looking feature visible called “cloud downwash”.



This cloud downwash graphics effect could be implemented with the same graphics engine that is making the V-like shape a float plane is cutting into water.

I think the Flight Sim 20 should have this fantastic graphics effects, if possible to implement :slight_smile:


Maybe you could post this in the Q&A section?
Great idea. Not so sure about the reuse of ‘water engine’. I see your point but guess that too much is different between water and cloud convection. But I could be wrong, of course.

After some checking, there is no existing request, so it’s been moved to #self-service:wishlist.

However, you may also be interested in this SDK Thread:

Effects editor can’t affect particle clouds/fog anyhow, so not an option.
Aircraft does not create any kind of turbulence either, not even possible to simulate it with SimConnect (wind variables are locked).
But I remember engine downwash was mentioned by developers as planned feature, which, technically, may cause described effect.

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Agree, should be a part of that wake turbulence physics upgrade that should extend the first adoption of this kind of effects within the Reno DLC

Something like this would be cool:

Is this currently the biggest airplane? It´s larger than a 747.

It was. Now it is the stratolaunch, which is basically two 747’s slaped together:

But it depends on how you define biggest plane. If you go after length, the An225 still is the longest.