Cloud fixes in next update (22/12/2020)

I’m surprised this cloud announcement didn’t receive more attention since so many people seemed to have been complaining about the clouds .

Think everyone missed it with snow blindness :slight_smile:


This would be advantageous provided it has the result we’re looking for.

Crossing my fingers and legs…


So what were clouds prior to update 5? Were they not as pixelated then?

No, they didn’t really change in appearance but right now they don’t work on GTX 600/700/some 900 cards


So, will they fix it with the next update?

No issues with the clouds here.Hope it doesn’t perform worse in the upcoming update. Last time I check clouds have a huge performance impact since day one!

Strange. I am always CPU limited and clouds don’t badly impact my performance to the point I have them on ultra. Maybe they are GPU dependent but I only have an RTX2070

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The subject line of the topic is easy to misinterpret - they are older GFX users experiencing issues with clouds flickering etc, after update 5 and want the bug reversed.

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When I changed my res to 4K, the pixelated or blotchy clouds reduced very much. Also turning down the sharpness on the monitor helped.
But still not right, even running on i710700 with RTX 3080 and 32 gigs on a 65” smart tv.

The clouds are totally pixelated when the sun is as very bright, at around 12 pm. At dawn or sunset it’s all fine. I hope they will fix this!!

The web friendly version of the feedback snapshot links to what is really “Bring Back Clouds from Previous to Update 5”.

I see a lot of over-interpretation. As previously stated, it’s the flickering issue with older nvidia GPU which is going to be fixed and not the " Cloud textures pixelated and grainy".


Hi All
I’m running i7, 32GB, GTX1060. Clouds on ultra.
Clouds are perfect. Check my screen shots I love clouds
Not a high spec graphics card as yet, maybe I’ll waite until more of the glitches are ironed out.

Same here.

I’m on a 2070 Super with clouds on ultra and I don’t see a noticeable change in FPS even if I go from a few clouds to a whole lot, I’m also CPU limited, with an older 4 core CPU (i7 960 3.2 Ghz).

This is actually something that has surprised me quite a bit. Haven’t seen a change through the different versions/updates.

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I have a 2060super which performs similar to a 2070 non super and I am on 1440p and assuming you’re on 1080p it won’t have impact.If you guys are on 1080p volumetric clouds won’t have an impact on performance at least on those cards.
Bump to 1440p or 4k you get a performance hit with both of those GPUs.

I’m running 1440 ultra wide.
Maybe you have other settings that are causing the knock on?

Tyr experimenting by lowering other settings a notch and clouds on high.
Then change clouds to ultra to see if yo have the same impact.
If not you know either your CPU or GPU are bottlenecking because of a combination of settings and not just ultra clouds.
Dial everything back up one by one and see if your FPS drops each time then you will know the likely culprit and get a better balance your settings for your CPU/GPU combo.

Clouds have been destroyed for me. Not sure what update or setting change it was but I have videos on my phone of flying on October 4th and the clouds are incredible to look at. For the past month they have been grainy, pixelated, mesh-like and not even close to what they used to be. That being said those micro stutters are now gone for me, but the clouds were the most immersive aspect of this sim and I welcome them back if this is indeed the case.

Im running 4k, 2080 ti, 64gb ram, i9-9900

My RTX 3090 isn’t " an older nVidia GPU " at all
The clouds look pixelated

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Frankly I would prefer the old 2D Rex clouds to what we have now.
It isn’t tearing out eyeballs bad but it’s not great.
The other thing is that whatever is causing this is messing up other things too…like heat waves and reflections on water.

Way ahead of you.The clouds are resource hungry no matter my settings.Maybe the 2060super is too weak for ultra clouds on 2k.

2D clouds are a thing of the past.Last thing we want is making a step back in a new gen sim!