Cloud reflections on water

I’m sure this observation will have been mentioned before, but I can’t find any relevant threads.
I am now predominantly a VR flier with a HP Reverb G2.
Recently, (flying a couple of the Bush Trips), I started getting a bit ‘put off’ when flying over water when I noticed that the cloud reflections follow the aircraft speed rather than reflecting what’s above. Looking up, the clouds move backwards normally but look down and they are matching your track.
Also, what is the best setting to change to improve the shoreline reflections as mine always appear quite pixelated. Appreciate any advice on that one.
Other than that, the VR experience (for me) has improved dramatically over the last month or so - whether to do with MSFS updates or OpenXR I don’t know. I am thoroughly enjoying doing the Bush Trips apart from the Baltic one where I’m stuck on Leg 12 - landing not being recognised/recorded.
Huge ‘thumbs up’ from me to Microsoft/Asobo for all the hard work that’s continually going into this Sim with hopefully more improvements coming soon.

Reverb G2

Sadly, those cloud and shoreline reflections became seriously degraded after SU5 (aka XBox compatibility update). One of the many graphical degradations all in the name of “optimization”. We can only hope they improve with future patches, but there really isn’t anything you can do to fix them now.

If you accurately render reflections, you are, essentially, drawing the same thing twice, which is a big performance impact. The reflections have always been poor, as they are in almost all games. Look in the mirror on a racing simulation and those reflections are not as accurate as the main graphics, it’s always been that way on every game ever produced.




-Reflection cubemap resolution and reflected clouds details have been increased

Something, perhaps, to look forward to

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Not long to wait hopefully

I hope it’s a good fix, I found them so distracting I had to turn off reflections entirely.


Let’s hope so.
Does anyone know about plans to fix the Bush Trip issue, or is that a ‘plan for the future’ maybe?
Not really important - I’ve moved on to a different one!