Cloud Streaming Flight Simulator

With the introduction of cloud-based gaming over the past year or so, I think it would be amazing if those who don’t have powerful enough computers (and who do have fast enough internet speeds) could access Flight Simulator in full ultra resolution glory by subscribing to a streaming service.

With current available services, I’d say that’s not far off for a vanilla flight simulator experience, but the challenge would be in enabling different configurations for 3rd party app integrations and plugins. So, for example, how would I add the Turbo Bonanza mod to my streaming flight sim, or one of the Garmin improvement projects?

Imagine what that would do to level the playing field with the huge variations of systems we run MSFS on and the bugs and instabilities that it brings. Imaging being able to provide a solid, stable, dependable, ultra resolution flight sim experience to everyone at the same, highest quality through a streaming service!

I’m interested to know how many of us would like to see that become a reality.

I would certainly like that, especially because it would also means no need to update the game as the updating would be done in the cloud.

Unless that cloud is on your own home network, there will nearly always be lag.

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Days ago I made a thread asking MS/Asobo to bring Flight Simulator to a game streaming plataform

I made some comparisons between MSFS and Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk runs like *** on most of current-gen consoles. Meanwhile on Stadia, the game runs smoothly, perhaps even better than next-gen consoles and mid-range PCs. Some PS4 / Xbox One users have decided to buy the Stadia version and they are loving it.

MSFS is also a heavy demanding simulator and would benefit very well from having a version on a cloud streaming platform like xCloud, which belongs to Microsoft.


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