Cloud texture shows vertical lines AMD DX12

Ok, thanks! I’ll look for it!

Hello everyone!

Anyone knows if this will be fixed in SU12?


Nope, won’t be fixed.

I’m honestly putting my hope on AMD to fix it, not Asobo!

I got the same thing with my RX 6700 XT, but on the PC at my Mom’s place with a RX 580 the vertical lines do not show up.

It’s only the 67XX series of cards which are affected.

the problem is DX12 on 6700XT/6750XT GPU, not FS 2020, i have the same issue sometimes in PUBG on distance buildings…so is a driver issue, i recommend you give up on amd fixing this, they simply dont fix small problems… VR is a problem for years now on amd, 2+ years, and no fix. So, don`t expect a fix anytime soon, maybe never.


I have a laptop with a 6800M with the same issue, but also think is likely on AMD end to fix it. I remember having driver timeouts running MSFS back in 2020 when I had a 5700xt, a lot of people had them and it took almost a year to get drivers that wouldn’t crash.

Yeah…but they take too long, just google it and see how long this problem is around. Not just that one, but many others, a lot of people including me has random drivers crash in some games, and drivers always has been an issue on AMD. Its frustrating because i always liked AMD, but im going for Nvidia this time.

Bug still happening on current release SU12.
Maybe I’ll start flying like this…

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I feel your pain although I’m on an rx6800 and don’t have that issue their software is a mess. Dealing with a similar bug in Xp12.

If only the 40series cards weren’t ridiculously priced.

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