Cloud turbulence was supposed to be a part of SU12 update. Will it get added?

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You have added a turbulence scale in the Sim which is great! Per the last Q&A development update you were going to add turbulence to the clouds but there is no turbulence in the clouds currently (SU12 Beta). Is that going to be addressed?

My feeling is that the turbulence slider and it’s overall implementation and effect was tired more to the focus of glider flying and thermals, as seems to be the core focus of this update. Not much of an independent weather focus, which is where I think we’ll see the big changes and differences in weather behavior. Maybe when SU12 gets publicly released well see some final fine tuning, but who knows. I haven’t really noticed much of an effect from having it set on realism from day one when it first became available as a 737 flier. I’m sure it makes a difference, but it’s not one that I can really see or tell the difference from before. Seeing as how we’re sitting in chairs and can’t really get the full feel or gauge how the aircraft is feeling or flying based on the weather in the sim or the fluctuations in wind/speed and how realistic or unrealistic it should be, we just have to take it at a visual value of how much we believe the response should be, which varies person to person. Tough thing to get right. As some have stated before, should we just assume every cloud has turbulence? Would we consider that to be realistic? In previous sims it was either way over done or not done enough. I think no matter which direction they go with it there will still be people who think it’s too much or not enough.

Currently there is pretty much no turbulence in clouds! Clouds should have turbulence otherwise they have absolutely no relevance in the Sim other than an object that looks good! This is not a matter of taste, it’s a matter of if the Sim wants to be more realistic or not. You can fly through CB clouds now and feel nothing. Hopefully this will get resolved.


Are you talking about all clouds or simply clouds that would have turbulence associated with them? To say that clouds are just there to look pretty and have no relevance…it’s kind of true LOL. Not all clouds have turbulence. Clouds are made of moisture. Only certain types are likely to have some type of turbulence associated with them, those are not the majority in the sky, I would assume. Unless you want to fly in clear skies all the time except for bad weather being reported, I wouldn’t say they have no relevance. It’s a sim first and foremost. I could fly a Piper into 200 MPH winds…should I be angry that the plane won’t break apart in the game?

I think rather than to say we ‘feel’ nothing, because all we do feel is our butts in our chairs, it’s that the plane isn’t reacting how we MIGHT THINK flying into the weather should make it react. I’ve flown through plenty of clouds with barely a bump and through clear skies that were a roller coaster IRL. What do we do about that?


Alright you are happy with no turbulence in clouds, then good for you! I am not here to argue with you. It’s simply a bug that needs to be resolved! If you study cloud formations, you will realize that almost all clouds have some level of turbulence but the thicker and denser they are, the more turbulence!


To be clear, there is turbulence in towering CuNims. As the cloud depth gets reduced, so the turbulence reduces until - in a summer type cumulus with only maybe 3-5000ft depth there is no turbulence, just some thermal updrafts and occasionally gusts if reported in the METAR.

Perhaps you could do some more testing and try to quantify the issue in as many weather/cloud scenarios as you can in order to better assist the devs

Do you mean in the Sim? There is none! If you see any turbulence while in the clouds, it’s not related to clouds! I flew through 15,000-20,000 feet clouds just yesterday and there was absolutely no turbulence! Cloud turbulence is just not there, at least as far as I can tell!


Yup - there is no turbulence related to clouds in msfs. You can fly that C152 through any CB or storm - wings level all the time - no sudden up/down movement, no rolling manouvres etc. Just steady up draft for miles.
The only good turbulence in the sim is the mechanical turbulence, imho. That actually works.

The gusts we have in the sim also needs some refinement. Too frequent(like 3times/sec) and only push the plane laterally - no roll movement here either. Would baraly rate the sim-gusts as turbulence - as it just push the plane laterally - but I believe this is what the ‘turbulence slider’ in the beta is all about(?)
Even XP11 have better gusts than msfs.
Like 1h48m: Airbus Captain | XP11 - Toliss A319 | Shared Flight with Lee | EDDF-EDDM-EDDF | VATSIM - YouTube
Look! The gusts even induce some roll effects!
Cmon Asobo…


So…nothing about this in the stream, or did I miss it?

This being one of the most voted questions. I’m surprised they never brought this up. They talked about the new thermals and how clouds affect them from the outside, but nothing about what’s happening inside the clouds.

That’s sad!

I don’t know if that’s the “game” part of it, but sure would be nice to have turbulence. In sunny Oklahoma, the wind is almost always blowing and have lots of thunderstorms sweeping across the state. It would be nice to see the turbulence.


I confirm there is turbulence in the clouds especially from the smallest to the biggest it’s a shame in 3 years not to have cloud turbulence I don’t understand