Cloudmaster Love

I don’t think it’s actually possible to find a bad angle on the ole girl is it?

Here’s a few screen captures I couldn’t help but take on an early morning departure from NZNR :new_zealand:


This plane is absolute amazing! Does it come with a user handbook at least a few hundred pages thick to fully immerse oneself in this plane like it was in the old Captain Sim quality days? (For example the Boeing 757 767 user handbooks were superb.)
Is some fluff written in the handbook - like some historical background stories, flight adventure stories and precise technological overview about all engine hydraulics electric systems - or is it primarely about the avionic and cockpit systems?

PMDG stands for Precision Manuals Development Group :wink:

The package comes with several extensive .PDF manuals including a 333 page PoH so you won’t be disappointed! The youtube tutorial series they have done are excellent for visual learners too!

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Wonderful, that´s the system and avionics depth a good airplane needs.

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