Clouds have weird stripes, also grainy

If you look at the clouds in the Caravan pic you can see there’s kind of visible stripes, and on the other pic it’s just grainy. In these photos the clouds were at high setting but it also happens when it’s on ultra. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Also, even with antialiasing at the highest settings there’s jagged edges everywhere, looks pretty bad on my monitor (3440x1440p and I sit close to it).

Is there any way to upload the images at full resolution? Can’t really show the artifacts at the quality the forum resizes it to

Try uploading it via imgur and posting a link here

Here are the screenshots, from what I’ve read the grainy clouds are “normal”, but the stripes are not and they’re really annoying.

Yeah, hope this can be fixed.

Grainy clouds was fixed as part of World Update 3 (