Clouds in G2

RTX3090, 10900k, G2 … here. I’m the only one, who is bothered by the magenta and green in the clouds? Is there some way to get this away so that the clouds don’t look like dirty moss but like clouds? Tried a lot, but nothing worked …


Can’t say I’ve ever seen that in the clouds, any particular time of day affecting them for you?

This has been there since SU5. Not find any solutions this far…
I’ll hope the clouds get back to what they were in SU4.

The clouds just look terrible in VR. Regardless of weather is nice or bad and no matter what time of day. And yes, that only came with the SUS5. In SUS4 the clouds were beautiful and I “flew” every day. It’s no longer fun since SUS5. I’ve tried almost all of them, except for a new installation. That’s why I wanted to know whether the clouds only look so bad with my system. Will take some screenshots later.

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Pssst :shushing_face:
Not a word about clouds! Otherwise the contra pictures will come back.

Go to Weather → no Clouds

Ok, two screenshots. Both recorded videos with OBS. The first screenshot before SUS5 released (Kilimanjaro, which I climbed :sunglasses:) with beautiful clouds. The second from SUS5 / 6 … greenish clouds in the shadows and magenta edges …

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I just had a nice, graduated mix of green and magenta over Mauritius while a thunderstorm was sweeping the island.

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