Cloudy Sky's

Beautiful clouds this morning in flight sim around Phoenix. In reality there is not a cloud in the sky. :frowning:


A few clouds and there’s thunder :thinking:

I know live weather is sometimes completely wrong, but the weather in the pics looks eerily similar to the “Scattered Clouds” weather preset. I think that either this preset was selected instead of live weather, or it is a preset bug.

Hi guys!
In terms of eye-candy it’s beautiful and nice but in terms of realism unfortunately it feels like arcade-game-mode, means no turb in CB/TS, we still can fly our C152 straight on through thunderstorm without any convective winds, barely we can encounter some updraft/downdraft winds that are limited at only 1000 ft (because gamers will complain that they are not allow to fly their Cub through TS or won’t understand why they suddenly get a 10 000 ft updraft, based on Asobo interview) … which is totally and definitely unrealistic and worst than that therefore we can’t even create a flight plan based on weather conditions in order to avoid CB/TS which is unsafe in VFR aviation and of course TS in IFR flights (gamers philosophy who don’t care about realism but care about contrails and eye-candy stuff more than anything else) See the wish-list which shows that the majority of users are not aware about the lack of realism but just want to have fun (which is understandable by the way, no judgment here). :wink:

So that, friends we need your vote even if some of us do not care about real aviation or realism! There’s a place for everybody but we really need you to raise our voices to Asobo, please!
Tks in advance!

Happy Flying!

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