Clubs or Groups that "Teach"

Hi all. I’m wondering if anyone can help me out. I’m looking for a group or club that, at least in part, tries to “teach” or guide new pilots. I’ve got about 55 hours of what I would call “self-taught” time in MSFS2020 to this point, and feel I have a good understanding of aviation basics including navigation, flight planning, etc. I mainly fly turboprops (152 and 172 are my go-to’s). But, I know there’s so much more to learn. What I envision is a group that likes to help new pilots out on Discord and lend them a hand/build up their confidence, etc. One thing I’d LOVE to get into is live ATC on the VATSIM network. I’ve lurked, and even tried a flight or two, but I’ll admit it’s an incredibly intimidating thing to jump into.

TLDR; looking for a group that likes to take new pilots under their wings and teach, especially participation on the VATSIM network. Anything out there like that that anyone would suggest?


Flight Simulator Airshows works with new pilots of all skill levels whether it be formation aerobatics or learning to fly.

There are Discord servers for this. Personally I’m in the VATSIM, VATUSA and ZLA Discord servers.

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CIXVFRClub in the UK might suit. We fly VFR (mostly) , various things on various days. On Tuesdays, the only day I’ve flown with the group, we fly round the UK and Ireland, there are other days for Helicopters and International flying. There was a beginners night as well, not sure if that’s on currently.

We have very friendly ATC at both ends (sometime the same person) who is/are VATSIM trained but used to beginners. I was one myself not so long ago and got very confused taking off at Carlisle … It’s very low pressure stuff, no complex rules, fly where you like how you like. If you let ATC know you are a beginner they’ll help you if you get stuck.

If you need some training Max was doing one to one training which is very good, and he takes you through the whole thing, ATC, Navigation, Patterns and so on. But if you have 55 hours then you probably are okay at the flying around bit, and it’s just the ATC.

Come visit tomorrow on Teamspeak/Vatsim (one of our ATC is only training so has to do Radio on Teamspeak which is annoying because we keep forgetting …), we’re flying from Tiree to Stornoway in the Western Isles of Scotland which is a nice easy flight (unless you want to land on the sand at Barra …)

You will have to join us (I think) to get into Teamspeak, but it’s free and I think you have to fly about once every three months or something.

Not sure where you are, so the only problem might be we fly at 1800Z so that might be an issue, though we do have non UK members.