Co-pilot automatically requests new ATC flightplan clearance inflight

So both the Working Title mod to the CJ4 and the Salty mod to the B747 have a feature that means if you alter the flight plan in your FMC, it will amend the flight plan as created in the World Map flight planning tool - ie you enter a new SID directly into the FMC, then (in theory) the sim ATC will know that this is the SID you want to fly and assign it accordingly.

So my question is if the ATC bug of the co-pilot asking for new clearance every time you make a change in the FMC, is this an artefact of these mods, or are others experiencing it in other aircraft in the sim?

I experience it in default aircraft.

As to your question: the only way I found that I can reliably ensure that the sim ATC works is to create the flightplan in simbrief, download the .pln import that to the World Map planner, ensure to select a departure stand from the drop down menu and NOT the map (if you do that it will create a new flight plan that will most likely not match the simbrief one). Once in the sim you will find the FMC pre-loaded with departure runway and SID/STAR and no need to import from simbrief. The only (slightly annoying) difference is that all waypoints will be shown as DIRECTS and not VIA (Airways) in the flight plan. You can always still import the route from simbrief. You will then get the sim ATC synched up.

Just a short update: we have implemented a ‘load only’ option in the EFB of the FBW A32NX experimental version. This option only loads the flightplan, made in MSFS world map, into the MCDU. But changes inside the MCDU won’t be transferred to MSFS ATC. So… no flightplan clearances by the co-pilot.

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Thanks for confirming. It’s been a while since I flew any of the defaults. So a global problem. I find it happens with every change I make in the FMS. So if I delete 3 waypoints one at a time, I will get three requests by the AI for a new flightplan. It doesn’t actually cause a problem. It’s just rather annoying.

so the issue is only related to FBW? I guess I haven’t tried any other planes in a bit.

No it isn’t. We just made this option.


I have a similar question about this, I was about to test it for myself before I got a crash to dash, Im on xbox here, I like to set the destination airport in the world map to automatic, so in flight I get a active runway given to me.
I then go ahead and select the ILS runway in the mcdu.

As has been mentioned you then get the “Request IFR clearance” message pop up in the atc window.

I actually do all the atc myself, but I have no idea why I get this message when I have not really changed my flight plan, Im getting direct instructions from ATC and following them.

Have you ever tried not selecting it, do you still get guidance and clearance. as said I need to test myself but annoyingly I got a crash on last try.

Whats annoying is if i do request I get altitude change, such as climb to 10’000ft , then suddenly it wants me to descend back to 3000ft, apart from that all goes fine if I request IFR again, but be good if I dont need to request again.

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a well known strange and not correct behaviour evey time you “touch” the ILS or Approach on the FMS or Garmin, already having a valid flight plan loaded and cleared, with an XPDR assingn and radar following.

No ATC IFR clearance should be requested indeed, instead it appears in ATC options. It’s wrong and we don’t know why Asobo does not remove this behaviour, maybe so difficult? Maybe not important to them?

And yes, correct, if you ask the clearance almost every time ATC the assigns a completely wrong altitude/FL as if in fact it was another FPL with different level or current aircraft position wouldn’t be known.

Asobo corrects ATC things with every SU, still not clear to me why not this feature…

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Do you know if it’s necessary to click the request IFR after any change to flight plan such as adding the approach/runway?

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If you already cleared your original flightplan, try it out and ignore it. I think MSFS ATC tends to be pretty generous regarding routing.


Will do on my next go, I was testing it until I had a crash to dash.