Co-pilot cancels flightplan

When flying A320 on a flightplan, my co-pilot cancel the flight, when i switch from one view to another. I have all the aid from co-pilot turn off, but he still takes the radio and cancel my flight, at he even reguest attitude change against my will.

Time for a new co-pilot :slight_smile:

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Hi @TalismannnDK,
Sometimes the ON/OFF does not register. Try doing OFF-ON-OFF slowly, under the AI Control from the Toolbar. Assure the AI pilot and radios are OFF.

I have solved my problem. When binding keys like CTRL+ALT+1 and then use ALT+1 to go to a view, the program automatic makes a second shortcut ALT+NUMPAD+1. If I delete this and validate, the problem is gone and the Co-pilot don’t cancel my Flightplan.

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