Co pilot removal?

is there away to get rid of him/ her? I put zero as weight but still get a co pilot (Cessna 152). Thank you !


Would really like to know more about this as well. Still haven’t been able to find an option for it. I’m thinking there might not be a way right now?

I haven’t found an option for it either. I believe it’s currently fixed at the moment, however would certainly be a nice little addition.

Indeed. Like not having a female voice while having a male pilot.

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And some planes are very weight-limited. I read a review of the Icon A5 that said that it can’t even hold two reasonably chunky adult males without going over its weight limit. So removing the co-pilot really ought to make a bit of a performance difference in a plane like that.

in you menu there is a place where you can turn them off, how ever if you don’t want to deal with ATC radio traffic , their nice to have. in the Option menu go to , General, Misc. and set the copilot Avatar to Default. to get rid of them.

Tried setting the copilot to default in the Cessna 172 and it does not get rid of him . (still visible in external view.)