Cobra v5 hotas

Has any one else used a cobra v5 hotas flight stick? im not sure how to map it to make it work well.

Youtube is your friend…Jump on to Youtube and search for ‘Tutorial #2 - Peripheral Control Setup - Microsoft Flight Simulator’

Thank you.

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How did that youtube video work out for you? Did you get it setup? Wondering if a map file is available that can be shared? Don’t have time at the moment to view the video, but will when I get home.
Thanks and have a safe flight :slight_smile:

I probably haven’t set it up the most effectively, but it did help figuring out that to key bind, you have to use the search function to figure out what the button is labeled as then select from the list as opposed to other games I’ve played where it’s either automatic or you select bind then what you want it bound to. So probably a situation I should of used the k.i.s.s. procedure.

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You don’t have to know the input (button/control) number or axis to make the bindings. The sim will identify the physical control input you press or slide when you make each binding. Click on the command you want to bind. In the binding pop-up, click in the box that says “Search By Input” (not the “Select An Input” drop down). Activate the physical control input you want to bind (switch, button, slider, axis, etx). MSFS should automatically recognize it and fill in the input number. Then click “Validate” to bind.

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