Cockeyed pilot position movement

In VR my pilot position camera no longer aligns with the fuselage. So when I command the pilot position left or right, the pilot camera moves (backward and left) or (forward and right) respectively. It is as if the centerline axis for the camera is pointing out the left window at about a 45 degree angle.

This happens in the 2D screen as well. But in 2D I can rotate the axis back in line with the fuselage using the mouse to rotate the view i.e. dragging the mouse left or right to rotate the view. But in VR, dragging the mouse does not result in view rotation so I have no way to correct the misalignment.

Any suggestions as to how I got into this cockeyed view and how I can get out of it are greatly appreciated?

NOTE that resetting/re-centering the pilot position does not correct this. It centers me, but the movement is still misaligned. Forward/backward movement is also similarly misaligned, moving me (forward and left) or (backward and right) respectively. But the vertical, up/down movement, is normal. Also, this effect is aircraft specific. Other aircraft do not have the problem. Finally, correcting the problem in 2D does not correct it in VR.

Read my post steps 5 thru 7:

Having a strange issue with Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality (VR) / Cameras - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Hope this helps

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