Cockpit and Instrument, Air Manager V4 for MFS2020 AIRBUS BOEING AND OTHER... Popup , 2D

Hello everyone, I am starting this topic which will be of interest to all simmers and those who use multiple screens on MFS2020.
I use the Air Manager V4 program, compatible with MFS2020.
It would be great to have full instrument panels (popup and 2D) for large Asobo airliners by default. Example the Airbus A320 neo (FBW) the 787, 747 and the PMDG 737 will be released soon.
I know how to create 2D panels with the Skiman software, I have problems with the LUA files, I don’t understand anything, I am not competent in this field to make functional panels for MFS2020. I’m starting this topic because I wish everyone would talk about this, because there is a real lack of instrument panels in individual reading. I think it’s a pity because Asobo would have even more users of its great simulator.
It would be great if Asobo could partner with Air manger to create 2D panels. Or to have people create and share functional panels in the community.
On XPLANE 11 I use the ZIBO Mod with Air Manager and ZHSI mod, and other plugins to have a FMS and others, I swear you that it feels like in a real cockpit.
I love flying simulators, and MFS2020 has a lot to offer to the Simmer community. I’m a fan of Airbus and I wish I had a 2D overhead panel and lots of other instruments. What do you think about this? Thank you in advance for passing on this topic to Asobo to discuss this idea, or for people who are passionate about developing instruments.

Hi there, if I understand it correctly you are wishing for the old style 2d cockpit right? There already is a topic on this with a lot of votes, so please show your support and vote there, as mixed don’t help anyone.