Cockpit and view shaking after last update (Win10)

Microsoft Store version on PC, after last update, during flight sooner or later (more like sooner) will start becoming extremely shaky, like the sensitivity of the HP Reverb G2 had jumped up by 1000%. Impossible to fly, makes me sick just like flying in severe turbulence with a small plane.
If I try to keep my head really still, it gets slightly better but still unplayable.
Why this thing always manages to screw itself up once things are running smooth…???
VERY upsetting.

have you tried it in VR?

He is in VR. Reverb G2.

Does it in my reverb g2 but NOT in my pimax 8kx. Interesting. Could only be a WMR thing I think.

Im thinking that, As its fine on Quest 2 with Airlink

Reset OpenXR settings, try to change version?

Did a VR flight yesterday for a few hours. No problems. (apart from the minor nuisance you can’t use the menu)

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