Cockpit Blurry now


This is how it always looks for me on Rtx2070 super with ultra settings. Can’t figure out what is wrong. Looking at other people’s screenshots it doesn’t look right.

I’ve been getting this. I actually first experienced this in Update #4 and that was down to my anti-aliasing being moved from TAA to DLAA. Changing back to TAA made for a sharper cockpit again - especially in the G1000.

This time round, I got the blurriness, and checked my anti-aliasing and found it was already on TAA.

HOWEVER… playing around with the render scaling I could see the blurriness getting worse with a lower number. My render scaling had been set at 100 before Update #5.

So… I have now anti-aliasing on TAA and render scaling ramped right up to 200. The G1000 looks sharper again and I can make out numbers from the default pilot position.

Been playing around again.
Setting TAA and render scaling to 200 certainly helps the cockpit glass, but I noticed a BIG increase in my RTX2070 maxing out. This brought my frame rates down to 25-30. It got lower at times, and this started affecting things like the glass refreshing and looking left/right in general. So not brilliant.

So my compromise at the moment is TAA with render scaling at 130 to bring the GPU to around 80% and a frame rate of 40-50.

The glass looks OK on the TBM but still a bit blurry on the C172 and C208.

I also tried the other AA options, but they saturated the clouds, which was worse.

Thanks to the excellent advice given here…

… the blurry glass screen issue is largely gone :blush::+1:t2:


That didn’t do anything for me, but before trying that, the issue self resolved (mostly). It’s still not really where it needs to be.

Blurry for me to … no matter what i adapt :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::-1:

I hardly complaint … but now with every patch i get more issues that are game breaking

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