Cockpit Builder seeking help with SIMKITS Gauges

Does anyone have experience of the TRC SIMKITS USB gauges software.
I have a full Spitfire Cockpit and all of my instruments have TRC I/O boards driving their servos and most are working perfectly. But some of the functions are not supported by their standard gauge drivers. There is a TRC Software Developers Kit but the ‘documentation’ assumes rather more knowledge than I have at my disposal. I am having real difficulty getting my head round even the basics of how to use it.

Now that I’ve built the ‘last bit’ of my cockpit, I am sorting out whats already there to get it all working properly. Its an awful shame to have those last few lovely vintage looking gauges sitting with their needles doing nothing.

Didn’t know where else to post this, SIMKITS no longer has a forum.

I have very limited experience with coding. Primarily Arduino with some . Do you have a link to the documentation and a list of what’s not working?
This page says all the gauges are working with MSFS. Simkits compatibility with FS2020 – Simkits
Are you using a 3rd party aircraft? If so maybe it just uses different variables to communicate. Have you installed FSUIPC?

I am using FSUIPC7 and a 3rd party aircraft (Flying Iron MkIX Spitfire). Because I have the full version of FSUIPC, I have a worst case scenario work around that I am considering, which is to use an LUA script within FSUIPC to post the values for gauges I need, to an LVAR that I know SIMKITS can use for other gauges that don’t exist in my Spitfire cockpit. I should then be able to spoof the Coolant Temp gauge into thinking its a turbine temp or something equally inappropriate.

I have two gauges that should work and don’t, (i.e they exist in the SIMKITS inventory):- Battery Voltage and Fuel Pressure. I suspect you may be right that these are ones for which the SIMVAR or LVAR name has been changed. I should say these don’t work in any aircraft in MSFS2020 though the Battery one did work in FSX.

There are a few other Gauges I have in my cockpit for which there are no standard Simkits drivers, these are:-
Coolant temp
Pneumatic Pressure (reservoir)
Pneumatic Pressure (Left & Right Brakes).

The documentation is part of the SIMKITS SDK download. I should add that there are a few versions of the SDK and its the 64 bit latest version, (ie the one that works with the USB gauges and MSFS2020), that I can’t make head nor tail of!