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Hi All,
Does anyone know how to set up the Point of view hat (POV) on my Logitech joy stick to allow a smooth scan view around the cockpit and out side from the cockpit. FSX had this feature as a default setting I think. It was very useful and when I go back to FSX it is much superior. I find the camera set up in MFS very complicated and hard to get right. For instance while doing a visual approach you lose sight of the airfield by the simple method available by toggling left and right view as you fly down wind.
Lastly, after much fiddling and experiment with MFS I get a reasonable result with my rig which would be regarded as mid to high range. However if I attempt to fly around a large city CDT starts to occur. It would appear to get the best out of MFS you need to have the absolute best computer system that money can buy with tons of ram and memory and a top graphics card. Just saying.
Thanks with any help with the POV.

controls, joystick, camera, cockpit camera, mapping left for left, right for right, up for up, down for down, don’t sure it will work with all joysticks

This is a bit off-topic and I don’t know if you can apply it to your POV on your stick or to using a mouse and keyboard combination.

But as a newbie trying to complete the 5th MSFS tutorial at the Sedona airport on flying patterns, I found the view from the Cessna cockpit a bit limited and I had trouble flying and manipulating mouse and/or keyboard at the same time - perhaps in part because of a bit cramped setup on a kitchen table!

So the part you might find hard to adapt - I got a TrackIR - but what’s worked great in a couple of go-arounds is to press the INS key to jump outside the airplane in drone camera view and then look around to see where the airfield is and the landmarks that I want to fly by relative to the direction my plane is going. Maybe this is not real piloting but “arcade-playing” but I find when I jump back into the cockpit by pressing the INS key again, I have a much better sense of what what I can see means relative to what I wish I could see in its entirety from the cockpit. I found studying the supplied flying pattern and the landscape as the tutorial starts to load helps me think a lot more about what I should be looking for in different parts of the pattern and in future, I wonder about the utility of investigating never-experienced airports in slew mode to build up the same degree of familiarity before I trying flying them - as actual flying is relatively time-consuming compared to slewing around.

You sound like a real veteran so I hope my amateur suggestions aren’t too crazy. Maybe I should spend more time learning to just look out the Cessna windows better rather than “jumping” out of the plane!

OK, thanks will give it a try.

Thanks JALxml. Yes its very hard to keep a situational awareness in a Flight sim. To help you find the airfield try tuning a VOR/DME frequency for the airfield and select VOR on your HSI. This will at least give you a direction and distance. The other way is a good cheat is select options, assistance,Navigation, Airport markers. This will give you a marker to the airfield, but if you flying away from it you still have to get out of the aircraft and have a look around. Further to my initial post. If I am just meandering around the country side I can handle Ultra high on the graphic settings. But around the big cities I need to go to medium or even even low-end as the scenery complexity increases. My computer just cant handle it and will crash.

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in my case(x65f) it’s not working correct 120 quick left show quick 45 left, 45 quick left don’t remember, but definitely not 45 left, 180 quick back don’t reaction, all other show ok