Cockpit cursor toggle doesn't do anything

So with the new interaction mode, we can bind a lot of interaction functions to HOTAS, but where is the fixed centered cursor to use them in VR? There is a binding for cockpit cursor toggle but it does not do anything. I really like to have the fixed cursor in VR (like in DCS) to look at a switch or dial and use buttons and encoders/axis on HOTAS to interact.

@FlashgodVR … did you find out what the “Cursor Toggle” does?

I am still wondering myself. Any insight appreciated.

I think Toggle Landing Cockpit Mode and Toggle Landing Cockpit Mode (Hold) are backward.

  • Toggle Landing Cockpit Mode should be a true toggle: type the key and release, it becomes “on”; type the key and release again, it becomes “off”.
  • Toggle Landing Cockpit Mode (Hold) should be a momentary-activation function: type the key, it will display Landing Cockpit Mode for as long as you hold the key, and then cease displaying Landing Cockpit Mode when you release it.

However, these two functions are currently working backward. Each function is apparently doing what the other should be doing… or at least that’s how it appears to me.

I now have the key I use for Toggle Landing Cockpit Mode bound to the Toggle Landing Cockpit Mode (Hold) function, and that keybind is doing what I need (but, of course, the functions in the program are still reversed).

Hope this helps any of y’all who like this function and want to use it before it (ever) gets fixed. :slight_smile: