Cockpit Dials when in VR mode are not active/highlighted, except for the "Yoke'

While in VR mode using my HP Reverb G2 headset and controllers, the only cockpit control knob (dials) that highlights (active) is the ‘Yoke’, none of the other cockpit control knobs are active. But, when I’m not in VR mode, all of the cockpit control knobs highlight and are operational. I first noticed this issue after I upgraded to Sim Update X, prior to Sim Update X, everything worked as expected in and out of VR. I have researched the FS2020 Community Forum and have viewed many videos that deal with VR Cockpit interactions. I feel that I’m very close to having a solution to this issue; there must be a setting that I’ve failed to set or turn-on. I can really use some help at this point; has anyone else experence this problem?

Are you referring to the blue highlight of a knob or button when the mouse hovers over it and it becomes actionable? I’ve disabled that along with tool tips. The setting might be under Accessibility. Even with those options disabled, though, the control still works. The cursor will change to an up or down arrow, hand, or circled arrow.

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FlyerDreamerNJ, Thank you for your response, it’s helpful to have another set of eyes looking at the issue. You’re correct, I am referring to the blue highlight of a knob/button when the mouse hovers over knobs and buttons.

The tooltip settings under the accessibility menu item, I have tried them in the on and off positions, as I have gone through my trouble shooting steps.

Even when the tools tips feature is disabled (off), the cursor does not display the arrows, hand, or circle icons, over the cockpit buttons/knobs, while in VR mode, but it does when I come out of VR. That is thing that has me confused, everything appears to function as normal until I enter VR mode. My VR controllers in VR mode work as I expect them to, except the lack of knob and button control (Yoke works well in VR mode).