Cockpit freelook mouse won’t work with yoke plugged in

Hi all,

Since I updated to SU10 my mouse freelook cockpit view function stopped working when my TM Boeing yoke is plugged in. I can look around using the yoke mini-stick, but it’s not practical as I need the mouse to look around the cockpit and operate switches. The mouse scroll wheel zooms in and out as it should.
When I unplug the yoke, the mouse works fine to freelook around the cockpit.
I have never previously had this problem and it only happens in cockpit view.
External freelook operates as normal with mouse and yoke.
Mouse control settings are all in default mode.

Any help to resolve this would be appreciated. Thank you.

I would guess the yoke mini-stick is conflicting with the mouse. You could go into the control settings and remove the assignments for the yoke mini-stick and see if that resolves the issue.

Hi there, correction to my past post. I de-assigned the freelook controls for the yoke mini-stick. It now allows the mouse to freelook in cockpit again. All hardware functions correctly.
So this is a definately a flight sim issue.
Would you have a solution to reassign the mini stick? Otherwise it’s rendered useless.

Hi, cool so it was a conflict then. Good to know I get it right sometimes!

To be honest I believe they may have changed something in the way assignments are detected - possibly an intentional change to overcome other issues….
I had noticed a key-combinations for adjusting my position up/down in the cockpit that also stoped working as they were before.
I used the keyboard arrows UP to move forwards and DOWN for backward. I also had SHIFT+CTRL+UP and SHIFT+CTRL+DOWN to adjust my height up and down which used to work just find.
After SU10 using my key-combination to increase my height also moved me forward at the same. Likewise my combination for down also moves me backwards!

Anyway, back to your question…
I do not think it will be possible to assign the mini stick as it was, but you should be able to assign it to use for other functions. I assume the mini stick is a four-way digital switch effectively? I.e. if you move it left, right, up or down you hear/feel a click. If so you should be able to assign each direction for trim assuming you do not already have those functions assigned? E.g. Left and right for either trimming rudder left/right or roll, and up/down for pitch trim?

Hey Blitzer, thanks for your feedback. It’s definitely something they’ve changed. As I said, mouse and mini stick freelook work perfectly on external view. However, in cockpit view I can only use mouse freelook if I unplug yoke or unassign the mini stick. Very odd.

The yoke has two sticks. The left one is the 4/8 way switch you explained. However the mini stick on the right functions smoothly like a mouse, no set positions. So you can freelook around in any position. So you can’t assign its direction to any selectable functions. It only has one click function and that’s if you push it in, similar to to Xbox or PlayStation controllers.

I see so the mini stick that now conflicts with the mouse must be analog then so it should be possible to assign it to axis in the sim.

Yes I can assign it to another axis. However not the cockpit freelook where it would be most appropriate. It’s just odd that mouse and mini-stick both worth normally with external view freelook.

Yes admittedly it is odd and also frustrating when something seemingly so simple is altered but causes a problem. Perhaps a time to consider some form of head tracking device like TrackIR or possibly even VR? :smirk:

I have found a solution to the problem. Whenever you have a second axis (your joystick) assigned for freelook, any input on that axis immediately overrides an input on your mouse. That shouldn’t be a problem, since you using either your mouse or your joystick to freelook, but not both methods simultaneously.

However, the joystick’s thumb stick is constantly inputting something, even if you’re actually not touching it.

The solution is very simple: add a small deadzone to both axis of your thumb stick, so the center position doesn’t produce any inputs. 2% was already enough for my Boeing yoke. Now I can use either the mouse or the thumb stick to freelook.

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Excellent. Thanks for the reply.
Mine actually started working as I brought a new harddrive and had to install my whole PC from scratch. It has been working fine ever since.

What you have said makes sense with regard to the deadzone. Two inputs conflicting.

You might need to be a little more demonstrative with this

OMG thanks man :pray: This was the solution for me