Cockpit Graphics Quality after SU5

This update is certainly a game changer with my 6800XT hitting 40+ FPS in most places. But, I am noticing a lot more jaggedness and shimmering in the cockpit. I am currently running at 80OXR/100TAA. Anyone notice the same?


Agreed. I believe that Sim Update 5 messed up anti-aliasing in VR which is causing these side effects. Just try the navigraph toolbar after the update…it’s really hard to read now due to the anti-aliasing issue.


Yeah, I have a ton of shimmering in VR now, using the same settings as before the patch.


yes, I’ve noticed it too. Also, reflections in the water are flickering as I move my head. :frowning:


Me too. I’ve the same feeling as soon as i tried VR with my G2. Also i’ven’t any of the app working.


Hi there, new into the VR World (1week) this is a truly amazing experience. However, the letters on cockpit buttons or on the PFD or MFD are a blurry mess, NOW AND BEFORE SU5 with scaling at 90 and 100. Is it normal ? Is it driver related ? I have a RTX 2060 with a R5 3600 and 32GB RAM which performs amazingly well in VR with medium settings, I only upscaled to 90 or 100 to try making things clearer.
Is there another parameter in the graphics settings to tweak?
Do you guys have tricks for this cockpit problem ? Because for now I can barely fly only aircrafts without digital displays because of that…
I use a HP Windows Mixed Reality and Open XR.

Oh and another thing, when I open a window from the toolbar, it pops in front of me and tracks my head movements. That s really annoying, I wish I could stick it in a place and leave it there like they have shown in their Feature Discovery VR video.

So these are my 2 problems in VR, it would be so kind of you if anyone could help me with those.

Thanks a lot.

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Same here on 5900X 3090 Reverb G2. Shimmering is really bad, all across the board. Hoping this is treated as a priority bug and will get fixed ASAP - it is keeping me from flying in VR at this point.

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Yep, same here awful AA / Shimmering on my Quest 2. I had all my settings dialled in for a great VR experience, but since the update 5 it’s just awful. It’s going to take me an age to try and sort this mess out. FSKneeboard is now a shimmering mess.

Anti Aliasing in the menus is awful, in the cockpit it’s worse than before the update and certainly needs attention from Asobo (amongst a whole list of other issues introduced with this update…)

Same probleme with antialiasing.
Also notice par the water réflection is flikering near the shore.
I 9 9900k and trx 3080 ti here.


G2, 3070, Cessna 172 classic, TAA 80%, OXR 100% - no issue with cockpit/gauges appearance

The only whing that really bothers me is the cockpit gauges and letters, it’s so hard to read now.

Antialiasing is getting worse with each update, but no one seems to care, but hey, we have waves for ships on priority list. Shimmering on coastal areas, glass cockpit lines, house roofs…

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Thank god it wasn´t only me. I was going mad trying to find the reason why it was so difficult to read the navigraph window after the update.

Is there already a bug report for antialiasing in menus to upvote?

Same here. Lots of shimmering. And there is probably no AA on menu popups.

Anti Aliasing is definitely broken! Menus are horrible, and it does effect the visual Quality while flying as well. The racing sim “Iracing” did the same thing in one of their builds about a year and a half ago. It took them months before they corrected that error.

VR headset, Reverb G2

There are reports that the update reduced the rendering resolution to 80%. If you used to have 100%, this may explain the reduced quality of glass gauges.

Cockpits look the same to me - Valve Index/3080/9600K/32G Per the above poster, my render resolution was changed to 80 - so I had to re-set it back to 100. I did notice some weird reflections and shininess to a couple cockpits early on but I don’t see that anymore, so I don’t know if I changed a setting, or what.

No, it’s better in every single way.