Cockpit Graphics Quality after SU5

There is no noticeable difference between 80 and 100 in terms of cockpit clarity.

That’s not right. With 80% I can not read anything in the TBM on the middle display. With 100% I can read everything … (G2/10900k/3090)


I’m also experiencing shimmering and terrible anti-aliasing under SU5, with grainy textures on some cockpits (e.g. Flying Iron Spitfire IX), Reverb G2/2080Ti & 9700k

For me the VR antialiasing issue seemed to resolve after I wiped out my entire MSFS installation (including all settings) and reinstalled.

So this may be the usual thing where Asobo doesn’t actually correctly handle updating new default settings, and existing installations get screwed up by updates.

Including settings is harsh, maybe I will try this too.

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Did you lose the key bindings when you reset the setting?

Controller bindings seem to be saved with the cloud profile, and are retained. I did however manually reset my keyboard and mouse profiles to the defaults and re-applied my customizations, to ensure all the new key bindings work correctly. (Asobo never actually puts new defaults into your existing custom controller binding profiles, so you must either manually find and add the new ones, or revert to the new defaults and add your customizations.)

Yeah, I’m getting some weird shimmering looking down on the floor of the Flying Iron Spitty (which I fly a lot). The gauges however are quite crisp and easy to read even at OXR 100, sim RS 80, also the colours inside the cockpit are really good compared to the washed out colours outside.

Same with the C172 G1000, the wing struts near where they attach to the wing have a lot of graininess, as does the seat upholstery (I’ve seen this in Pie in the Sky’s vids too). Goes away with OXR100, sim RS 100 though.

Meh, nothing to lose my mind over, but I look forward to any improvements possible.

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