Cockpit Interaction not working since WU4

I’m not sure that too many people will use this, but ‘cockpit interaction’ is, or should i say was, a really useful feature, especially when in VR. It would effectively let you “grab hold” of a control in the virtual cockpit and to adjust said control whilst looking elsewhere in the cockpit. Recently it was really useful when adjusting the landing elevation on the CRJ, as the control is well away from the display of what the value currently is set at.

It was implemented via just 3 controls, under Miscellaneous, one that allowed you to select/grab the virtual control, another to increase its value and a final one to decrease its value. I have these mapped as middle mouse button, mouse wheel up and mouse wheel down respectively.

When I select a control, say a clockwise arrow next to the ALT SEL knob, with the middle mouse button, the mouse cursor would disappear and i was then able to adjust the selected altitude up and down, whilst watching the PFD and not the knob.

Unfortunately, since the latest update, WU4, for me at least, these controls do not appear to be working. The mouse cursor does not disappear when I press the middle mouse button and the up and down mouse wheel actions do not adjust the control.

Has anyone else had any success with using cockpit interaction since the update?

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Try dropping out of VR and then immediately going back in, I’ve been having this issue with some planes for a while and I’m only updating to WU4 as I’m typing this.

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I’ve been trying to use it in both 2d and VR and cannot get it to work at all since WU4.

It was working great until the update.

Maybe give it another try when you have updated and let us know if it still works for you.

Holy… I never knew about this feature… thanks! WU4 installed, VR, working as you described (but C172, not CRJ).

Then it looks like I might need to find out why it isn’t working for me.

I might just do a full reinstall, as i fell into the trap yesterday of having to abort the “performance update” that started due to MSFS not prompting for the usual MS Store update. The erroneous update wasn’t running for long and I don’t know whether it messed anything up that couldn’t be “unmessed” by the MS Store update and the WU4 update, but I’ll just be suspecting it for any otherwise inexplicable bugs.

It would appear that my mouse profile had somehow become corrupt, as I have just apparently solved the issue by creating another profile.

I am back in business and will need to inform those awfully nice peeps at Zendesk, that they can close the call. :slight_smile:

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