Cockpit interaction while in VR

Has anyone been able to interact with the cockpit with ONLY a controller in VR and not have to blindly reach for and use a mouse? I see a ton of settings to achieve this but none seem to work properly.

In VR, I have gotten the ‘target dot’ to move around using an analog stick in the menu but it seems to break quickly, and using it in the cockpit doesn’t seem to work at all.

Any response would be great.

Not yet, but integrating VR controller input is on the timeline for Asobo with a scheduled implementation of end 2021.

I didn’t see where the implementation had a scheduled time. Let’s hope ! Very frustrating not to be able to interact without a mouse

On their timeline wishlist it says 2021. Jorg has previously said that when they state the year its because its a confirmed projected timeline and in their roadmap. Therefore they definitely intend for us to get both DirectX12 and VRController integration before the year ends. As the sim updates are bi monthly and we know we aren’t getting them in the next sim update that will mean end of year.

I know what you mean. I am using the oculus quest 2, which I absolutely love but I am blindly trying to use all my flight gear. So when I go to turn on the auto pilot and hit nav and or alt. I better really remember where everything is. Then I try to hit flaps and I am feeling around like 15 year old and his first time touching boobs.


:joy: So tempted to continue this analogy but i don’t think I should…

Take a look at this thread from 2 weeks ago (a happy and wondrous time when all we were discussing was the most efficient way to set up a joystick )

By using the 4 base buttons on my joystick as 4 different shift/modifier keys I now have something like 30 functions just on the stick and I rarely need the keyboard. I still use the mouse for certain cockpit buttons, However I just keep that next to the joystick so easy to find while in VR

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