Cockpit reflections in VR only show in the left eye, not the right. #PC

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Hi all,

I only saw one topic about this, which was closed due to inactivity.

Is Asobo aware of the fact that cockpit reflections in VR only show in the left eye, not the right?

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activate VR with cockpit reflections on
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i9 9900k 5.0ghz, 32gb 3200mhz, RTX3090
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Problem still occures after update 6

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there is definitely a problem with the right eye, light pollution is totally off in the right eye, very odd, even after SU6

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Same problem here using Quest 2 its even worse after SU6

This needs fixing ASAP as its really off putting


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sorry to butt in here, new to the sim, but how do i start a new thread/post
Im having vr issues and also initial flight training issues and can’t find a way to start threads.

Sorry, I am on mobile, but once you have navigated to a category in the forum, such as bugs then VR, click the New Topic button. See my screenshot.

I already posted it on Sept. 15th but noone votes for it!!

My VR Issues since Update 5 and 6 - Bugs & Issues / Virtual Reality (VR) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Because this is not a way to report issues.
You’re posting 8 bugs in one thread. Some of them aren’t even bugs but your system rendering too low frames per second (wiggled view, black bars…).
You’re posting a video on Vimeo that we cannot watch without a Vimeo account and being logged in.
So yeah, unfortunately we can’t vote for it because Asobo won’t take it into account anyway. It’s too random. :man_shrugging:
If I vote for an issue this is because this issue happens to me. What are the chances that the exact same 8 “issues” also happen to someone else?
If you at least reported them all on Zendesk, that should be fine.

Anyway, to go back on topic, 23 votes is something already but we need more guys! :partying_face:

Could be most of the VR users are playing with cockpit reflections completely off (or they simply don’t realise it). Very strange that something this in-your-face isn’t getting recognized alot.

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Did you guys realized it’s fixed? Well there is still the cut off reflection that causes issues because both eyes don’t have the exact same reflection but I now see my cockpit reflection on window in both eyes! One good news in the middle of this mess ocean that is SU7!

Good to hear and yes, it’s a hell of a mess! They should have rather called it Joke of the Year Edition :unamused:

Yes first thing I checked! Good to see! Now… VR in dx12 is another beast. Reflection are totally screwed up when running VR in DX12.

There fixed for DX11 finaly plus i get better preformance still using DX11