Cockpit reflections only showing in left eye - VR

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I only saw one topic about this, which was closed due to inactivity.

Is Asobo aware of the fact that cockpit reflections in VR only show in the left eye, not the right?

Bug logged:

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Yeah that’s pretty annoying.
Added to the fact that just a slim part of the cockpit is reflected. When you move your head the reflections are cut off in a weird way. It basically only reflects what you have in your sight which doesn’t make sense at all.
I don’t understand why they don’t even talk about it like it was not an issue. It’s been like this since the beginning.

But overall, reflections are completely broken, VR or not and they just don’t care at all.

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I used to experience this with oculus link when the link resolution was set too high

I haven’t noticed it with the reverb g2 or vive 2

What aircrafts are you using when it happens?

Mhmm interesting. All aircrafts are affected.
Could you please post a screenshot of the MSFS window while being in VR?
Mine looks like this on a Quest 2:

I’m not even talking about the completely broken cut off reflection but just the fact that it doesn’t appear on the right eye.

edit - I think you are right, i just tried with the bonanza. What I thought was a reflection (in my photo) was the overhead panel, and so far what reflection I can see is only in the left eye with the G2

a sneaky SU5 VR fps enhancement perhaps :wink:

regarding the link cable, the cut off reflections and shadows (and occurring in only one eye) were a symptom I had, more than no shadows or reflections. It affected a few games.

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That’s exactly what I see in all planes as well. Right eye = no cockpit reflections at all…

I’ve created a support ticket: Request #129905


I also noticed last night that reflections are left eye only. I am using steam and oculus quest 2.

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