Cockpit UX

Why doesn’t MSFS allow the use of right-click to interact with cockpit elements? I feel that a design decision was made that chose for the more difficult to use implementation, and I cannot understand the justification for it.

  • The current implementation of left click only on switches is difficult and frustrating to use. Particularly noticeable on elements such as stepped rotary dials or 3-way switches. Trying to hover and find the sweet spot that shows the correct direction arrow is annoying and overly time-consuming.

  • The RMB does not serve a critical function currently given that the middle mouse button can also be used to look around the cockpit. In my opinion the benefit of having two methods to control free look is far less than the frustration caused by not being able to easily change switch states

  • Using RMB requires less complex tool-tips and hover state icons system = less maintenance

If you need reference material, then look at the implementation of clickables in DCS World. There are few things that are perfect, but this is as close as it comes to a perfect UX for cockpit clickables. It is far more intuitive, easy to use and satisfying than the current implementation you have chosen. It works equally well in 2D, TrackIR and in VR.

I realise I am asking a lot to change a fundamental part of MSFS after release, but please consider this. I love what MSFS is and want it to be the best it can be; this issue is my single largest problem with it.

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