Cockpit Viewing and Related Controls

Try flying in the flight training mode and let the instructor fly while you study the ways to look around. The top hat on my Honeycomb yoke is not as usable as xplane or Prepar3D.
The Numlock number pad is not usable like xplane for viewing. The external viewing is clumsy. What is needed is a manual or set of instructions to use the various camera modes. Anyone else have similar thoughts?

It does take some getting used to. There are several videos now on YouTube explaining what you want.

You can configure custom views using the number pad just like you can in x-plane.


The best method I found is to delete the key assignments that are pre-assigned. So you are choosing the buttons and keys you want assigned with no compromise needed. You can assign all keys that I used in X-plane, P3D and FSX.

You can get help doing this by using the search input fields in the key assignment area. Select the field, press the button you want to assign, delete the current assignments, hit validate, save button and then add your own assignments.

Thanks everyone!