Cockpit zoom out bigger planes


What keyboard (or x box controller button) is for zooming out a bit in the cockpit. PC version of the sim.
For some reason crtl 1 and 2 are so close to the dashboard i cannot look over it nicely when landing or takeing off.

I used to have a little more backwards position. And in small airplanes it’s often the ctrl-0 bind but for some reason its gone and i cannot find the key binding.

pressing right mouse button will take me out of the plane and also mouse scoll won’t zoom in or out…

Mouse scroll wheel is default zoom in/out - although I think as long as you have the cockpit interaction set to legacy. If not, I’m not sure. Try resetting your mouse to default settings and see if that helps?

Just a guess as I’m not in the sim right now:

+/- ?