Code: 0x80070141

I cant update the Game, it says always Error Code: 0x80070141

Anyone knows what it is? never had any problems with MSFS updates.

hi, i have the same problem. But no solution

What worked for me and many others :

Open the registry and go to this location

Inside you will have one or more numerical folders. They should should all have subfolders (keys).
If you find one without a subfolder (subkey) delete it.

Run update. no reboot needed.

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Tried that; didn’t work. There were only two numerical folders and each had a subfolder. I deleted the one that referenced the drive where I keep MSFS. No joy.

well I think I saved Time. By the way I have CD-Installation and learned that (

Because I installed the game even not in the “holy” C:

I just formatted the drive, where I had installed before (because all these “secret” Directories like “WindowsApps” and so on). Created the Directory I want to install the game (MSFS2020 or so) and started the download from Microsoft Store… it worked brilliant- Sure you habe to reach the “Content Manager” later on to complete what you habe bought, but it worked…

The way is really easyier then trying to delete these Directories. Really it seems to be really hard to tell Microsoft that is a “fluffy” way…they are the only ones to tell “Micrsoft Store” that YOUR GAME need an Update whre you installed it.

hope anybody got the message…

just forgot: first you have to uninstall the game…it´s the way

I applied this and it works. Thank