Cold & Dark - Seaplanes / Float Planes

Requesting the ability to load in or around Water Runways completely ‘Cold & Dark’.

In the base game, we have at least 6 water only or amphibious aircraft available to us and nowhere (that I know of) to spawn in the world map cold and dark, tied to a dock without paying money for an add on. Especially with an aircraft like the Spruce Goose, you should be able to spawn cold and dark SOMEWHERE, am I right?

My request is simply to at least look at a place like Alaska (Anchorage has the busiest seaplane base in the world) and add in some docks to tie your airplane to and places to spawn cold and dark.


There are a few places (e.g. AA06) where you can start cold/dark on land, and taxi into the water once you’re ready to go. But I really like the idea of being tied to a dock and starting on water where there isn’t a real possibility of having a dirt/grass/etc runway close enough to the water to start from. I think we’d love to start up and push off from a dock.

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Exactly. Some planes aren’t amphibious at all either, the JU-52 on floats, and a few of the other local legends, the spruce goose, and some of the DLC available on the marketplace like the Wilga and soon to be the Norseman on floats don’t have an amphibious option. It’s either you have tires, or floats. I’m sure there’s more.

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One thing I have done in the past (and will do it again until they hopefully give us some sort of seaplane/seabase update) is start in a parking spot of a nearby airport and slew to the seabase or nearest lake/river. You’re at the mercy of the wind though until you get it started…

Just a functional anchor though would help that issue, like just have the parking brake act as an anchor. I don’t even need to visually see an anchor. :joy:


Yeah, cold and dark for floatplanes kinda sucks because of the lack of docking mechanisms. By the time you get started you’re either pushed onto the riverbank or half a mile into the lake because of the wind.

One workaround I heard was to use Active Pause when docked to prevent the plane from floating away, but it just ain’t the same as being in a docked plane that moves up and down with the waves and slightly tumbles around while you do your checks and start the plane up.

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I mean, imagine if there was a little boat that brought you passengers and fuel or even just AI float planes :joy: