How can a colider be applied to a model?

In the material there is a checkbox called “Collision Material” in Gameplay Param, checking it will be detected collision and any 3D model that is applied to that material. This is the quickest and least recommended way to do it. In the create tab of 3Ds, go to Helpers, change the category from Standard to ASOBO and create a box, sphere or cylinder around the desired object that the collision will be recognized in. This is the recommended way to do it, it saves processing.

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Muchas gracias, probaré a buscar y aplicar lo que has comentado, gracias!!

Thank you very much, I will try to look for and apply what you have said, thank you!!

Excuse me, but the collider process has not been very clear to me, so that a helicopter can land on a surface without crossing it, where the collider is created, I understand that you have to close a maya to function as a collider, but I don’t know how follow, I appreciate your answer

In this case it is not a collision material but a platform. Check the option “Road Collision Material” under the option “Collision Material” in the texture of the platform that the aircraft will cross, so an aircraft will not cross a material.
The Collision Material option serves to determine an area in which the aircraft will suffer damage when crashing, whereas the Road Collision Material makes the simulator interpret that area as being paved so that the aircraft can move over it.

where can i find this material? to apply it to my model?

Material is a group of textures and settings, you create and apply it to the model. In the SDK documentation look for Collision Handling and GLTF Materials that you will understand.