Color Banding Issue

I’ve just purchased a new monitor Asus tuf VG27AQ1A and i have been experiencing alot of color banding which im trying to resolve or at least diagnose to see if it’s my monitor thats the issue or in the sim as i dont remember these color issues being as highlighted as they are on my old monitor. An example of one area where i noticed it was on the world map sun glow

Does anyone else see the glow the same as in my video example or are you seeing no color banding aorund the glow? Would apprecaite if someone could screenshots or video of how they see the glow. Trying to work out if this is on my end or in the sim. I don’t remember it being this bad before with my old monitor. Driving me nuts trying to figure this out.

Also, quick question: in regards to what Nvidia shadow play captures. Does it capture what the monitor see’s or what exactly is showing in sim?

im also seeing alot of colour banding when flying thru clouds and sky even after calibrating the monitor also clouds and mist looking purple

heres an example of the purple colors in clouds you can also see the color banding in the sky. Am i over thinking this or is the purple clouds and color banding happening for anyone else?


It’s a sim issue, and it shows up perfectly in your videos.

Please vote here:


The issue is widespread, but to my astonishment few people seem to care.
It is reported answering the question of a mod here:

And I have discussed it here:

As always, there are people denying the issues exist, but you can see them in lots of post-SU5 pictures in the “Screenshots” section of this forums.

I have issued a question for the upcoming Q@A, see above (thx @Aeluwas )

I think it would be best to further discuss these issues in this thread, however I think it would be more appropiate in the “Bugs and Issues” section. If you agree, I would appreciate moving the topic there.
I hope you don’t mind


Can’t see purple in the clouds.

Yes, we’ve been there.

Pause at 6-7 seconds of the second video and look behind the plane, especially after the zoom-in.
Though there are more obvious examples in the threads linked above.

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Paused the video, used colour picker tools, and its grey/blue there. Only blues all through the cloud.

It may not be scientific, but I see a “purplish” hue.


That’s where I picked the colour from, it’s grey/blue.

Alrght, then we have an issue with the “blueish” fringes.

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i dont mind, i should have posted there first.

I mean it all blends in, you can’t see banding.

Let’s agree to disagree.

Let’s not agree to disagree because I used a picker tool which is scientific.

I don’t agree that using a color picker for a single pixel is scientific.
The brain doesn’t interpret color like that.

A and B are the same shade of gray (#707070) according to a color picker, but absolutely not to a human brain.

Can you see any purple here, where I simply compressed the levels a bit?

I see the same effect in both images; this is just more exaggerated.
Note which color Photoshop assigns as the closest web-safe color in the small box next to the selected color.


It’s scientific, because if your brain is making the mistakes then the game can’t be blamed for it. My brain doesn’t see a lot of optical illusions either. I have colour picked optical illusions, and the colour pick agrees with me.

What’s more important: what the human brain perceives, or what a color picker says?
Personally, I prefer game render engines to follow human perception.


Well that would be silly, because ray tracing will trace the sky to the clouds, and you want ray tracing to use your brain instead.

I can hold the colour picker button down and slide the mouse all over the cloud to get instant feedback, and every shade is blue. There is no purple at all in the image. Real clouds would be like that so you would see the same optical illusion in real clouds.

Doesn’t anybody notice?

The color gradient in the sky is extremely rasterized.
This is one of the latest screenshots in this thread