Color corrected textures

I would like to know how to correct the colors of the textures of my models extracted with Blender.
I don’t want to arbitrarily change the colors if there’s some kind of method.

I have Photoshop but I don’t know what tool(s) i have to use and what to do.
You need to work on png files or dds ?

Then, if i have corrected textures, do i have the click “built package” again or I will see the changing immediatly on my object ?

Thank you.

Hello ,
that would be nice!!
also in the earth2msfswpf process for importing scenery…nobody?

For Color Correction you have quite a few tools in photoshop at you discretion.In the Photoshop menu go to Image> adjustments and you have a lot of different way there you can adjust the color. The first 2 il suggest you try are the Hue/Saturation and the Cruves.For the Curves when you open it make sure to select the different channel in the channels menu which is the second option from the top and then move the curve around to get the needed results.Then simply saving the texture in the texture folder in your modellib and rebuilding the package and reloading the scene will allow you see the change

i thought on the rugh settings in this tools…not which.
maybe i discribed not good enough my needs… :wink:

i will try with the pipete/can tool from Bing Maps to match Bing Maps…