Colour/Brightness in VR?

Is it me or is the colour and brightness when playing VR a lot more dull and darker than flat screen? As if the colours are “tamed” a little bit. I’m using the Reverb G2. Anyone else feel the same way? Is there a way to increase brightness? I believe there is a way with Steam VR, but I’m not using Steam VR due to other issues.

even if much better than any other elmet, ASOBO as to solve it.
G2 has vivid and brilliant colors on it’s own and it’s a pity to fly on faded colours scenery .


Dang. Not the answer I was hoping but the answer I was expecting.

sorry to confirm your expectations. May be some VR guru in this forum can find a temporary solution to improve it !!! ::

I hope the devs will give us control over Brightness/Contrast/Gamma at some point. The color richness also strongly depends on time of day and weather conditions. And of course the underlying ground texture quality. Also there’s quite some color grading going on.

If you’re wondering, these are the panels used in the following headsets (unconfirmed for G2):

Index Panel:


Reverb Panel(s):

LS029B3SX06 Specification & Datasheets -

LS029B3SX06A Specification & Datasheets -

The G2 panels gamut is near sRGB, maybe you’re used to raising the 2D monitor settings beyond their defaults and find everything duller when in VR as a consequence?

The Index is probably the only headset offering full RGB and luma controls. The other day I was flying at Dubai at noon and with the Index luminosity set to 160% I needed to squint my eyes when looking toward the sun !

In the meantime, you might want to vote:
Provide a Sharpen strength setting, and more post-processing effect controls in VR
Implement a metering system better suited for VR
Dev Q&A and Feedback Snapshot: please make a VR only category

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You can get it looking quite bright and colourful on the Quest 2. For the time being though consumer VR headsets are never going to be as sharp and vivid looking as you’re used to on a good monitor.

I definitely squint my eyes whilst flying into the sun on my Quest 2.

I agree that the colors in FS in VR on G2 are too washed out. It’s such a shame, with also the G2 in Aerofly FS2, the colours seem at least twice as saturated and look. So much better!! What could be causing this? And how could it be fixed?

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I don’t find they are on my end?!

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Thanks so much. Loved your guide and followed it to get great performance.

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Have you tried aerofly FS2?

no I didn’t, why?

Have to totally agree on this!

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Just because the colors there are so much more saturated and vibrant, it provides a stark contrast to the colors in FS2020

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