Combined brake axis

It would be nice to have an option to map the combined wheel brakes as a single axis. This would really benefit the realism for planes with a differential braking system, such as spitfire as well as many ultralights, equipped with brake levers.

At the current state, maping a button as “brakes” works; however, the fine control is lost with such method.

Is it not already implemented like that? Brake + joystick/yoke direction = differential?

Correct me if I am wrong, but this way the brake can only be either fully on or off as the “brakes” command can only be assigned to a button. If I want to have a partially engaged brake lever, force of which is then differented by moving the rudder pedals, I do not see a workaround with the current control options.

I just checked. I have the brake lever axis of my Virpil Alpha mapped to both left and right brake axes in game.

So, there is an axis for brakes. Indeed there are two but I may have been fooling myself into believing that there is a differential action (which there is in IL-2 for example)

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You can assign the same axis to multiple controls already. So is the need for a separate control really necessary then?

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This works good enough. I thank you for this insight. Guess this post is not a wishlist item anymore, but an instruction.

It depends how the sim handles differential braking I suppose.

On IL-2 BoX for example it will take the input from a single brake axis on a joystick brake lever + the input from a yaw axis and create a differential braking effect.

I had just sort of assumed that FS2020 did the same thing but now I am no longer sure.

What platform are you on and what hardware do you have?

On PC, it may be possible to use Joystick Gremlin to combine your inputs and create a virtual toe brake system
(Example - right rudder + brake button/axis input becomes virtual right toe brake output to sim.)

If I would be nitpicking here then, judging from the Spitfire individual brake line pressure indicators, the differential action is not displayed as per pushing the individual toe brakes; however, the lever on the stick moves and the plane reacts in a way, similar to DCS, where the controls are fully customised for the Spitfire and the differential braking is fully simulated. So it is a big increase in realism.

Now I’m thinking about it I might recall some conversation on the FlyingIron Spit thread that in fact they spoof differential braking for the FS2020 spit with an active tail wheel rather than a castoring one. :-/

I am using a PC with a Virpil WarBRD base and a MongoosT.50 grip, which has an analog handle, perfect for imitating the brake lever action on a spitfire. I also have a Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant and I plan to use one of it’s axis for brake action on a Flight Design CT and alike. Too bad the Yak-18T from Nemeth designs lacks the proper brake lever action; therefore, nothing can be done about it.

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Indeed it seems so, but as long as the combined effect reminds the caster tail wheel with the differential brakes, it is better than nothing.