Come on Devs, time for some airliners!

Boeings, especially the 757…

DC3 DC6 Connie

Even if the cockpits don’t work 100%, they can be updated later

I’m jonsing for my fix!


I don’t think they’ll be releasing new aircrafts. They would be under the works of third-party developers. I know PMDG is working on their Boeing aircrafts.


I loved the PMDG 757 for FlyII. That would be the only PMDG aircraft I would be looking forward to.

I’m looking forward for the A380X from FlyByWire team and the A350 from Sim4Flight… Hahahah. Can’t wait…


FBW Airbuses > Ace Combat style of ‘flying’ :wink: I’d very much prefer an A300 or A310.
And the A380 is sooo ugly.

Some of you have never had MS Flightsim before this year.

Let me tell you a story.

When you buy FS, you get FS and the planes it says it comes with.

You don’t get new free planes.

They might fix the planes it came with.

All of the good stuff will come from third party devs, and will likely cost a little money. And it will always be better than default.

MS provides the platform. The community provides the content.

3 decades now, its always worked. And its not changing now.


They literally announced 2 planes just 2 days ago… Literally.

Hi neo…are u also on the list for a380 beta testers ? any release date yet ?

I want to be… but I don’t think I can get in.

Really? which ones? I don’t think I see any announcement about new aircraft from their announcement page in the last 2 days.

it was on here…i had to go to the fbw website and do a test (not that esay) about airbus stuff and procedures…i passed the test, and waiting for news to (i think) test the a380…anybody heared of that ?

MSFS has been on a two- to three-year update cycle until discontinued after FSX. Each version was coming with new planes.

This new MSFS generation is now a continuously-evolving environment. Just like windows 10.
You won’t get MSFS2022 or MSFS2024, you will get sim update X.

So. It is absolutely reasonable to expect a new default plane or two at some point. Not 6 months after release, but perhaps next year.

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Yeah, I didn’t know the answer to one of the question… So I don’t think I can pass it.

I have seen stuff about Asobo working with Aerosoft to bring the ATR 42 and 72 in 2022.

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Some sort of ultra lite that will be released in a couple of weeks and an ATR commuter plane for next year.

They just announced two…

Better to fix 747 and 787

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Any link to that announcement? I’ve been scanning through the official announcement topic, and I can’t find anything about those two new aircrafts in writing.


And here: ATR 42-600, Top Rudder Just103Solo, Nordic World Update and More coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator – FSElite

You can find a recording of the original QnA out there too, I’m too lazy to go sifting through the internet for more links. But if you really want to Im sure you can find it.

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They would be really irresponsable if release new aircraft without fixes the ones that are already there.
And, well…we can always download aircraft from 3rd party site hehe. Including free versions from the paid on market!