Come on Microsoft, play fair!

The price for the Standard Edition of MSFS 2020 in the UK is £59.99. The price for MSFS 2020 in USD is $59.99!! Since when was the exchange rate $1 = £1?? The last time I looked the exchange rate was $1 = £0.75!! Even allowing for exchange rate fluctuations, this is highway robbery and you should be wearing a mask.This is an old US scam charging the same price in USD and GBP.
X Plane is £54.99 in the UK and $59.99 in the US and whilst this is still a bit of a scam, it’s a hell of a lot better than Microsoft’s offering which sees UK customers paying an absolute minimum of £5 extra into the already swollen, overflowing coffers of Micro$oft.
Come on Micro$oft, play fair!!

Game pass price was 1 euro. I took that for a start… Next month is going to be 3.99… I’ll accept it too…

I agree, but this isn’t limited to MS. Quite a lot of software or service based pricing is the same across the pond. The vendors will say it’s due to taxes blah blah, but we all know it’s not. It sucks.

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I mean they do actually have to pay for VAT taxes when digital downloads are released for games but, yeah. Definitely sucks.


I should have said that too. Yes, they do pay taxes, but I don’t imagine the amount in taxes causes the total price to equal the price in the US. It does feel like the UK is being robbed slightly.

I even believe $59.99 USD is without any sales tax (VAT) whereas any price in Europe is usually including local VAT.

PS: there was the same kind of disgruntled comments about pricing in UK and Canada (and other countries) lately in the HP Reverb G2 reddit because some local resellers managing the pre-orders were just ripping off customers in applying any price they deem worth asking for. In this case though, HP did try to influence them as much they could in order for the resellers to lower their prices to reasonable USD equivalent.

Especially when you consider the amount of photo scenery the UK has compared to the US and elsewhere…

Doesn’t work like that, your comparing exchange rates only and not the cost of living.

I had to pay the usual 10% tax where I live in the U.S. - $119.99 turned into ~$132… yeah…

Oh wait, so you pay tax on top of the advertised price? I didn’t realise that.

For the UK, tax is included in the price.

Well. I learnt something new today - thank you for posting. :slightly_smiling_face:


DeafMetalMonkey - Yes Sir, the state that I live in began levying taxes on some digital and online purchases two years ago. As of this year, all digital and online transactions in my state are taxed just like if you went to the store - even Amazon… smh…

In north America most advertised prices are without any sales tax.

Some online transactions can also be done without any taxes as well depending what state it ships from and what state it ships to.

And yet, it would be fair to apply a price that is commensurate with the cost of living in the country.
Otherwise, the simulator must be worth 1 year salary for Bangladesh.
It’s an example…

Did you?

I’ve just tried it (thank you for the link):

Indices Difference Info
Consumer Prices in United Kingdom are 2.89% lower than in United States
Consumer Prices Including Rent in United Kingdom are 10.03% lower than in United States
Rent Prices in United Kingdom are 23.71% lower than in United States
Restaurant Prices in United Kingdom are 7.39% higher than in United States
Groceries Prices in United Kingdom are 21.62% lower than in United States
Local Purchasing Power in United Kingdom is 19.15% lower than in United States

This seems to indicate UK prices should be lower than US prices, by about 20% isn’t it?

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