Come on MS!

Going through the patch and reading the comments here - there are still so many basic things that are not working. There are still big weather functionality problems, live weather only working for the first flight and resetting to clear skies, actual METER reports for the airport being way off, nowhere near real life.
Im sorry to rant guys, but we spent a year waiting for this since the announcement and were teased with videos telling us how amazing all these features are (especially the weather) … and yet here we are with more bugs than a stray dogs ■■■. MS took prepayments from literally thousands of customers, and through all the Alpha and Beta testing nobody noticed that the weather didn’t work?! … and if they did, why didn’t they release it with a list of known bugs so that people could make an informed choice.
I know there’s going to be people on here saying ‘its the same for any release , be patient , they will sort it’ , but theres another view here - we give them the grace to sort it because we are sim and aviation entusiasts , could you imagine going to pick a brand new car up and the dealership , driving away and noticing things missing and not working … then the response being ‘just be patient , we’ll sort it some time’.
The sim is great , the platorm is wonderful , but it is a mass of bugs, and in my eyes that should have been disclosed to customers before they parted with their money. So come on MS and Asobo - according to the press you have earned over $1 Billion already - lets get these issues sorted out properly , not semi working patches.


Not “disclosed”, but fixed. The sim was rushed out buggy and unfinished.

Rant thread number 378


Not a rant at all. Just a lot of FACTS about this bug ridden Sim., And after paying 109 quid (obviously pocket money to you) for this mess I think the poster and myself have a perfect right to (Rant). Nuff said.


haven’t been able to successfully download this program from day one, despite trying every single suggestion in the forum and some additional ones from troubleshooting experience. Microsoft refuses a refund only based on a certain window. Not that the product wasn’t delivered. Hog wash.

I dont think the weather is easy to fix. In p3d and x-plane they use metars which shows the exact conditions at the airport. The disadvantage is that while the airports are accurate but the surrounding area is not as accurate. Msfs have taken the model approach where the world is broken up into small areas. This may mean the weather for an area is generally more accurate but the airport weather might not be as accurate. A small area could have sunshine in one place and heavy rain 2 miles away.

Expecting them to change something that must have taken a year to develop is not likely. If you don’t like it buy REX when its released since it uses metars.

Yeah , I can see their thinking and it certainly makes sense as far as the world as a whole is concerned - however the area with the requirement for the greatest accuracy is the departure and arrival airports . I wonder if they will be able to retain the global weather however create a smaller local area for the airports themselves ?

they get most things working last week then give us a patch this week to fix things and brake it again lol